Ashram Dining Room

Ashram Dining Room has prepared the food for Ashramites and their guests since 1934. Even after many reconstructions, it reflects its architectural heritage. It is great to have a look when the gate is open at meal times.

The Ashram Dining Hall, operational since 1934, is located on the Ananda Ranga Pillai Street and stands among a number of historic buildings in the vicinity. It sits on land once occupied by Governor Dumas in 1735. The hall is housed within the Villa Aroume, a historic French villa with rich architectural features and characters. This large house called Aroume was built on the site of Lenoir and Dupleix’s house.

The dining hall serves as a canteen where inmates of the ashram as well as the ashram’s guest houses can dine. Inmates and guests of the ashram who wish to dine here need to obtain passes available at the ashram offices. Though open only to ashram inmates, visitors can have a look at it during the Ashram tour organized by Bureau Central, the Ashram’s office.

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