Few things demonstrate Pondicherry’s rich historical heritage and diverse contemporary culture the way its cuisine does. Traditional Tamil cuisine is very popular and many eateries serve snack items like idlis and dosas, full thalis and special dishes. French and Continental cuisine is not far behind, with a host of restaurants specialising in authentic and fusion dishes. Inventiveness is the keyword and travellers are sure to encounter unique dishes not to be found anywhere else.

Cuisine from the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala exert their influences, and numerous restaurants offer Chettinad, Udupi and Hyderabadi specialities. Food aficionados can enjoy Italian, Arabian, Chinese and Vietnamese food here. Dishes from Punjabi as well as North-eastern cuisine make an appearance in several menus. The experiences range from luxurious fine dining to quick street food, with the ambience as varied as the cost.

Bakeries, cafes, chocolateries and juice bars abound. Health food enthusiasts have quite a few options to choose from, too.

At Le Cafe on Goubert Avenue, travellers can enjoy a snack right by the sea, any time of the day. The experience is unmatched by anything else in the city.

The Puducherry Tourism Department has been conducting an annual food festival, generally in July, to celebrate and showcase the diversity of the cuisines available in the city for the last 5 years. It is an excellent opportunity to sample a vast majority of the food experience on offer.