Graffiti art is a lesser-known adventurous side to the lively culture of Pondicherry. With street walls painted all over, to the hidden miniature ones on stones and electric boxes, its something we have all loved discovering.

Unlike other cities where it is considered to be a defacement and a sign of vandalism, Pondicherry seems to celebrate the art whole-heartedly. Graffiti artists are marginalized and with no access to mainstream media in most places, but their work has brought dull walls to life here. It’s no wonder if you get lost wandering the streets, staring at some of the most amusing and creative street arts there is.

Discover some of the works of TONA, a German street artist, who has left his mark all over the world, at Pondicherry too! We have had a hard time hunting down his works, so be on a lookout to find one if your here. Here are a few of his amazing works you can find hiding in and around the streets of Pondicherry.

Pic Credit: Sagnik Mallick,

Granny on Graffiti pondicherryGirl on Graffitigraffiti monkeyGraffitti art

It comes across as a pleasant surprise, but you can find art even in the quaintest of Cafes. A cup of coffee, with a book along for company, is the best way you could possibly spend time if you are visiting alone. These charming Cafes have nooks in every corner that can easily fit into the ambiance you have always wanted. The brightly colored walls, the pink bougainvillea, and the artistry combined are enough to put your creative introspections in place.
Ouvrier, an artist from Paris, is one of the finest stencil experts of his generation. His art in Pondicherry has been mostly a depiction of mythology and different cultures of India. Take a trip to Auroville or stroll through some of the alleys of the French Streets and you will be stunned at the genius of these works. Not only do these make good backgrounds for portraits, but also discovering them remains an unforgettable experience.

Pic Credit: Naveena Mohan, Pondycherry Happenings, Hope Cafe, Sagnic Mallic