Jamia Mosque

Phone : 91-413-2226549

Also referred to as the Khuthbha Mosque, it is believed to be built in the 17th Century, predating Colonial occupation and is a glaring example of the secular culture of the region and country. In all probability, it was the first Mosque built in Pondicherry. It was initially built at the present location of the Seventh Day School.

With the coming of the French, the area of the Khuthbhapalli (as known locally) came to be categorized as a ‘White area’. Thus an order was promulgated which demanded the shifting of the mosque and the entire Islamic society to the Southern end of the city.

The mosque is built facing Mecca, the most revered pilgrimage for Muslims. The Khuthbha Mosque also houses the Dargah of Moulla Saiubu and organizes regular sessions of prayer.


Madrasa – 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Mullah Street