Le Cafe

Opening Time : 00:05:00
Closing Time : 23:55:00

It was once the port office when the railway ran along the Beach Road from the South Boulevard to the old 240 meters iron pier. A cyclone in 1952 largely destroyed the pier whose remains can still be seen poking out of the water.

The crisp blue waters of the Bay of Bengal provide a sparkling backdrop to Pondicherry’s only waterfront cafe. With a perfect location along the city’s main drag, Le Cafe quietly sits peering out onto the water. This is a tourist haven, owing to the covered terrace plentifully stuffed with available seating to listlessly pass the afternoon. Sandwiches, bakery and treats will satisfy any western tourist in need of a break from a constant routine of Indian fare. Hot espresso with a perfect crema top is best sipped along the back row of tables which look out onto the crashing waves. And ice cream, topped with strawberries and fresh mint, should be inhaled immediately before the hot, humid southern weather has its way.

Le Cafe is really a hodgepodge of businesses rolled into one. It’s a meeting point for local guided tours, a souvenir stop for t-shirts and the odd take home gifts, a bakery for fresh goodies, and a hangout for the passing travellers and locals in need of a pick-me-up from the day’s activities. Well worn menus (always a good sign of popularity) are quickly offered up by any number of the direct, yet uniquely friendly servers. The prompt, almost overly efficient service mentality somehow blends well with the relaxed atmosphere customers expect upon entry.

The building is neat and clean, prices are reasonable, and as with popular hill station eateries, travellers are sure to run into a berth of foreigners with stories to share.

Open 24hrs a day.

Beach Road, Near Gandhi Statue