Legislative Assembly

Opening Time : 10:00:00
Closing Time : 17:00:00

Since 1969, the Assembly sessions have been conducted in this building. Earlier they were held in the Mairie Hall. For some years, the building also housed the medical college, which was shifted from the nearby General Hospital. In fact in 1954 (some say 1956), the medical college was shifted to the Tribunal building. Much before all this, it was the residence of one Mr. Pernon.

Before the merger, the Assembly was called the Representative Assembly. Through the Government of Union Territories Act, the members of the then Representative Assembly of Pondicherry were deemed to have been elected to the Legislative Assembly. The Representative Assembly met as the Legislative Assembly for the first time on July 20, 1963.

The Assembly building is part of the public square where important buildings exist since the French rule. These buildings built in flamboyant style are slightly more ornamental than other buildings in this town.

The Assembly building has circular rooms as part of the front facade with an elevated portico (though a portion of it now has been renovated). This is a typical French building with a grand flight of stairs flanked by traditional terracotta hand balusters. The staircase leads to the colonnaded portico with round masonry. It also had grand French windows with pillars in between.

(Public entrance on the parallel street of Gingee Salai)

Victor Simonel St, White Town