Meeran Mosque

One of the most important religious destinations of Muslims in Pondicherry is the Meera Mosque. Built almost three hundred and Fifty years ago, the Meerapalli (as known locally) is the second oldest Mosque in the whole of Pondicherry.

The architecture of the Meeran Mosque is quite unique. Built by the Arcot Nawabs, the basic structure of the Meeran Mosque follows a Gothic Islamic style. The Dome of the Mosque is supported by four lofty Pillars and the Meerhath and the Meember are located very near it. Just above the Meerhath is the Kalima Slab. In order to enhance the beauty of the facade minaret a Bronze Kallasa is placed on the top of the structure.

Next to the mosque is the resting place of the divine graves of Meeran, the one who built the Mosque, and of Suubhi Errai Perriar Mullah.


Madrasa – 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Yanam Vegadasala Pillai Street