If you are in Pondicherry and you hear words like “Bonjour Monsieur!! Comment Allez-Vous??”, you can find most people talking in a dialect that you would have possibly heard in the French Republic. Do not be awe-struck. You would find a striking similarity with this quaint little town in the southern part of India and France, starting from most of the street names still retaining its French names such as Rue Romain Rolland, Rue De Bussy, Rue Surcouf. Etc.

Pondicherry’s culture has intertwined with France when it was colonized for more than 300 years. There are people who unabashedly use more French words than their own dialect’s words when they speak to somebody. The French City is well connected now with rest of the world with an Airport, though flight goes only to major cities in the country. Pondicherry is also popularly known as the “Window of French Culture”.

There are many restaurants which carry the French name in the boulevard like Le club, Le café, Rendez vous, La france Etc, which serves tasty continental dishes with red wine. Anyone who visits Pondicherry would be stunned by the French Architecture mainly the churches in Pondy.

There is a church near to the Pondicherry beach which is built as a replica of Notre dame church in France.

The basilica of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church is full of glass paintings which serve as the masterpiece of French Architecture.

Most of the houses in the French Quarter are typically constructed in the Franco-Tamil style. These houses have long windows (which symbolizes the French style) and spacious verandas (which symbolizes the Tamil style).

The newcomers to Pondicherry would be wondering whether that they are in some part of France at their first stare at these buildings.

The Union Territory attracts around 30 lakhs inland tourists in a year; mainly they come here to enjoy the tax benefits of the state. The French Revivre of the East (Pondy) has taken the place of Goa as a party town of the south. The Wine & Liquor which is available at a cheaper rate here makes Pondy a weekend destination for young professionals from the Metros.

The boulevard with hundreds of Foreigners moving in and around brings in a confusion whether its India or France…!!