Puducherry Art And Craft Village

Murungapakkam, (Near Govt. Catering College)
Puducherry 605004.
For Details please call at +91 413 2358576


Every tourist to Pondy should visit Puducherry Art & Craft Village a premier platform built to sustain and promote this regions indigenous, traditional and contemporary skill sets. Each piece on display is crafted by local artisans in a plethora of mediums including but not limited to terracotta, wood, paint, ceramic, textile, paper and glass!

Set on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by the bounty of the land, the Village in Murungapakkam near Catering College is the perfect locale for experiential learning. The unique interactive nature allows for free flow of ideas and creativity.
Added to the French-influenced architecture, is state-of-the-art infrastructure to facilitate experiential learning – under the tutelage of maestros and legends of the respective crafts; and linking the craftsmen community with National and International forums to promulgate almost-forgotten crafts of India!
Every art form and craftsmanship are borne of a legacy of a thousand years or more and to let this peter out for lack of patronage would be a loss for humanity as a whole. The re-emergence of these arts and crafts is the singular aim of the Village.

The history of Indian handicrafts goes back to almost 5000 years from now. The craft traditions of India have withstood the depredation of time and several foreign invasions and continue to flourish till date. Live demonstrations and audio visuals of our long-survived efficacies educates the contribution of our ancestors. Indulge by giving shape to wet clay, pluck the strings of the violin or chisel a bowl from a block of wood – learning need not stop. Choose the art or the craft that calls to you and enroll to develop your skills. Stop by for a session or stay for an entire course.


The essence of true art by the artisans’ unique craft and adroitness that freezes the hearts with awe & bewilderment is exhibited for display and sale. It was with the object of giving some visible expression to these creations that the Art and Crafts Village is built.