Rural Tourism

Travelers who wish to go beyond sightseeing and get a taste of rural life can choose from a variety of programs at Mohanam, a non-profit organization working to preserve local traditions and to act as a bridge between visitors and villages. On offer are home-stays with native families, tours to sites of historical or cultural significance in the area and opportunities to learn more about village life and customs. For example, travelers can learn the art of Kolam and understand the meaning behind the ritual as well. Visitors can take classes in local cooking, music, dance and martial arts, or even volunteer at bamboo farms.
Mohanam also holds several festivals during the year, such as the Village Heritage Festival and World Bamboo Day celebrations.
Their ‘Lively One Village’ initiative brings together local craftspeople and makes it possible for travelers to meet, learn, and buy directly from crafters of ceramic, stone, terracotta, and paper, among others.
A small number of cultural centers in Pondicherry also organize activities for visitors to experience regional arts, performing arts, cuisine and other traditions.