Puducherry Science Centre And Planetarium

Puducherry Science Centre & Planetarium (also known as Puducherry Science Park) is located in Lawspet is sprawled over 3 acres with a built-up area of 1500 sq.mtrs. It has 6 areas of focus at the moment with ample provision for expansion.

The Science Demonstration Corner will conduct live demonstration and experiments to groups of visitors and students to showcase why science is fun.

The “Children’s Corner” engages kids with simple experiments, a variety of puzzles and science kits.

Marine Life is a vast resource, providing food, medicine and raw materials, in addition to support for recreation and tourism all over the world. At a fundamental level, marine life helps to determine the very nature of our planet. Marine organisms contribute significantly to the oxygen cycle and are involved in regulation of the Earth’s Climate. This gallery is divided in five sections: Marine Ecology, Marine Diversity, Marine Resources and Threats to Marine Resources & Marine Tourism.

The Fun Science Gallery spread over an area of about 300 sq.mtrs., is full of opportunities for visitors to interact, explore and experience various aspects of science in a highly entertaining ambiance.

The Science Park – beyond the four walls of the science centre –spread over an acre makes learning of science concepts easy, in a non-coercive and lush green environment. The interactive exhibits here invite the visitors to play with them and explore various principles of science.

The Digital Planetarium provides unique opportunity for Science Centres to inform and educate the visitors on various aspects of astronomy by simulating a dynamic sky. The celestial environment created inside a dome with minute details and accuracy of scales makes astronomy very lively.