Visitors can choose their mementoes from Pondicherry’s many specialities – ceramic tableware and ornaments, terracotta toys and trinkets, incense and scented candles, handmade paper lampshades and stationery, Buddha and Ganesh figures carved out of stone, brass statues and lamps, colourful hammocks, crocheted hats and dream catchers, papier-mache vases and idols, handmade dolls, bamboo knick-knacks, and of course, antique furniture and curios.

Articles crafted from locally abundant plants are a great option for souvenir collectors as well; options range from stylish Kora grass bags, coconut shell bowls and figurines, palm stem paintings, eco-friendly palm leaf baskets and trays, to wooden toys and puzzles.

Bargain-savvy shoppers will enjoy picking up cheap export surplus clothing, duty-free steel articles and custom-made footwear in the bustling markets of the city. Auroville boutiques present a contrasting experience, with their selective merchandise and calm ambience.

A trip to Goubert Market and the Sunday market will give the traveller an authentic bazaar experience and a peek at local life. And at the end of a tiring day of shopping, one can always relax with an inexpensive drink!