Sports and Adventure Sports

Pondicherry offers tourists a host of recreational sports to partake of. The best known of these is the Chunnambar Water Sports Complex. On offer are pedal boats, kayaks, speed boat rides and the newly introduced banana rides. It is an ideal destination for all kinds of thrill seekers.

Horse riding is yet another way to get the adrenaline flowing for first timers as well as more committed riders. Very few places in the country offer you the chance to ride a thorough-bred or an Arabian stallion.

Water babies can also kick back with surfing, bodyboarding, scuba diving and free diving, at the various beaches adjoining the town. Conditions are ideal for surfers of all skill-levels and the prices are unbeatable. Divers can explore marine life underwater and see stunning corals, fishes and sea plants. Lucky ones may spot turtles and whale sharks too.

The city’s French quarter as well as Auroville’s tree-lined roads and dirt-tracks can be explored on bicycle. More serious cyclists can join open groups that go on cycling trips several times a week. Trips may be local, focussed on improvised routes, hard exercise or road races.

The same paths are quite suitable for walks and hikes as well, and the Ousteri Wildlife Sanctuary is a particularly rewarding walk for wildlife enthusiasts. Others trails are ideally suited for trekking, and some spots make for excellent overnight camping trips.

Now if you’re ready to take it up a few notches, try rock climbing in the ravines near Auroville or abseiling/rappelling. If you’re not scared of heights try parasailing on the beach close to the new lighthouse.

If you just want to look then try a spectator sport Pondicherry-style. Watch local players demonstrate their skill and concentration at pétanque, at the Joan of Arc statue. Popular in France and Spain, Pondicherry is the only place in India where this game is played.