Sri Aurobindo Ashram

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Closing Time : 18:00:00
Phone : 91-413-233604
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The Sri Aurobindo Ashram located on Rue de la Marine, is one of the most well known and wealthiest ashrams in India, with devotees from India and all over the world flocking towards it for spiritual salvation. Its spiritual tenets represent a synthesis of yoga and modern science. It is open to the public daily between 0800-1200hrs and 1400-1800hrs. Children below 3 years of age are not allowed into the Ashram and photography is allowed only with permission of the Ashram authorities.

The Ashram was set up in 1926 by Aurobindo Ghosh (Sri Aurobindo), one of India’s greatest philosopher-poets, who originally came to Pondy to escape persecution by the British. It was after arriving in Puducherry, that he immersed into the spiritual realm and discovered the power of yoga. His philosophy was deeply rooted in yoga and his writings inspired a number of followers.

One of them was a Parisian mystic, painter and musician called Mirra Alfassa, who was so inspired by his philosophy that she stayed on in Puducherry and was instrumental in establishment of the Ashram. After Aurobindo’s death in 1950, the running of the Ashram was entrusted to his chief disciple and companion, Mirra Alfassa, (known as ‘The Mother’). The idea of Auroville or the ‘City of Dawn’ was conceived by The Mother. She died in 1973 at the age of 93.

The Ashram’s influence can be felt in most of Puducherry. The main Ashram building is where the mortal remains of Aurobindo and the Mother are kept. Their ‘Samadhi’ or mausoleum, which is generally surrounded by supplicating devotees, is in the central courtyard under a frangipani tree and is covered daily with flowers.

Some of the Ashram’s facilities like the Library and the Main Building (during collective meditation) can be accessed, only after obtaining a gate pass from the Bureau Central or some of the Ashram Guest Houses.

For more information, please contact:

Bureau Central, Information Centre of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Cottage Complex

3 Rangapillai Street, Puducherry 605001




6am – 8pm daily

Important Dates and Activities

01 January     New Year’s day

21 February     The Mother’s birthday (Darshan day)

24 April     The Mother’s final arrival in Pondicherry (Darshan day)

15 August     Sri Aurobindo’s birthday (Darshan day)

17 November     The Mother’s Mahasamadhi

20 November     The Mother’s body laid to rest

24 November     Siddhi Day (Darshan day)

01 & 02 December     Anniversary of the Ashram School

05 December     Sri Aurobindo’s Mahasamadhi

09 December     Sri Aurobindo’s body laid to rest

Visit to Sri Aurobindo Ashram & Samadhi

Rue de la Marine (Chetty Street Extn.), Puducherry 605001

General Timings 

4:30am – 11:00pm

Timings for Visitors

8:00am – 12:00pm & 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Collective Meditations at Ashram

Days: Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri

Time: 7:25pm – 7:50pm

No pass required

Collective Meditation at Play Ground

Saint Louis St. (intersection Law de Lauristor St.), Puducherry 605001

Days: Thu & Sun

Time: 7:45pm – 8:15pm

Open to Ashramites and Visitors residing at Ashram guest houses only.

Meals at Dining Hall

Rangapillai St. (next to Raj Nivas), Puducherry 605001


Breakfast: 6:30am – 8:00am

Lunch: 11:30am – 1:00pm

Dinner: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Pass may be purchased at Bureau Central

Exhibition and Video programmes at Bureau Central

The exhibition is an introduction to the life and yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother through their own writings. It also offers a glimpse into the Ashram and its activities. Everyday, except Sundays, there is a video presentation on one of several topics. The video programmes present the life and work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the Ashram, flowers and their significances, etc.

Conducted Tours

Autocare Services operates two tours every week day: at 8:15am, to see Ashram and Ashram-related departments and at 2:00pm, to visit Auroville (Matrimandir). The Auroville trip does not wait for the meditation (5:00pm to 6:00pm) at the Matrimandir, since first-time visitors are not allowed.

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