Sri Gokilambal Thirukameshwara Temple

Sri Gokilambal Thirukameshwara Temple, also referred to as Villianur Temple, is a famous place of worship of Hindus. The most popular festival being the Brahmotsavam, which is observed for ten days continuously and devotees from all over India come here to receive the blessings of the Lord.

The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Shiva in the form of a ‘Shivlinga’. There are other temples, which are devoted to the Devi and Murugan and they were constructed during the 12th century Chola period.

This temple has a little bit of French heritage attached to it, though not in its architecture, but in some of its traditions. The annual Temple Car Festival which is held between the months of May and June involves the pulling of a 15 metre tall chariot through the streets by a large crowd of devotees.

Devotees believe that pulling this holy chariot will fulfil their wishes. Other devotees offer curds, buttermilk and ‘sundal’ to the multitude that follows the chariot. This in itself is considered a very pious act and demonstrates the devotion of the one making the offering.

During French colonial rule, the Governor of Puducherry used to join this very procession and actively participate in the drawing of the chariot through the streets.

The temple is very close to the Villianur railway station and the bus stand. Alternatively one could hire a car or bike for the 18km round trip.


Brahmotsava (Temple Car Festival) (May-June)