Veerampattinam Beach

Veerampattinam is the biggest coastal village in the Union Territory of Puducherry and is located between Pondicherry and Cuddalore. The village is 7kms from the city centre and frequent bus services are available from Pondicherry.

The village has over 500 years of recorded history and is very close to Arikamedu archaeological site. It has rivers on both sides which helps fishermen protect their boats during cyclones as the majority of the swell in the sea is absorbed by the rivers. The surrounding village looks green always as it’s enriched with water and nutrient resources.

Veerampattinam is also home to one of the biggest festivals – The Temple car festival, where hoards of devotees pull massive wooden chariots using thick natural rope. A sight to behold indeed!

The village has one of the longest beach and most beautiful beaches in the south of India. This attracts tourists from all over the world. A large number of people sun bathe and relax on the beach almost round the year.

One can also watch the fishermen ply their trade and working with traditional fishing nets at dedicated sites.

Long stretches of the beach are free of any kind of encumbrances thus making it an ideal destination for “beaching”.